PureLink CSW310
2K Wireless High Speed HDMI Multicast Set, 100m

PureLink® – Cinema Series. Wireless Extender for HDMI. 1080p uncompressed transmission to up to 100m. Color: black. Delivery content: 1x TX (Transmitter), 1x RX (Receiver), 2x 5V Power-Supply, 1x IR Flasher, 2x Wall-Mount. *RoHS Compliant*  *Max. tested distance at 1080p: LOS 100m (Line-of-Sight) (Outer LOS: Reliant on wall-structure, etc.)

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PureLink CSW310 allows you to send a connected HD signal wirelessly to your HDTV or HD projector.

The CSW310 is the ideal product for Wireless HD applications. Sometimes you may find that a cabled connection is not suitable, a long HDMI cable is not available or a cabled connection is just not an option. You can use the CSW310 for all of your HD wireless applications, such as home theater, cross-room HD, meeting rooms or for game room applications.

The CSW310 also includes an easy remote control extension with the IR pass-through function, allowing control of the connected source, such as set-top box, Blu-ray player or other streaming player from the HDMI extender’s receiving end.

You can also connect up to 4 wireless receiver modules (CSW310-RX) to one single transmitter and simultaneously use the loop-through port. The overall system capacity is limited to a maximum of 4 sink devices at once. PureLink products are manufactured with the utmost precision and of top quality. Please read this manual carefully and follow the instructions in order to get the very results from this product.

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