DVI Single Optical Fiber Extender set
LC multimode – TX + RX

The FX1010 DVI fiber optic extender set included in the FiberX series by PureLink is designed for optimal transmission of DVI-D Single Link signals over long distances. By converting the signal into an LC fiber signal, which is free of any electromagnetic influences / interference, transmission distances of up to 300 meters are possible, significantly more than with conventional DVI copper cables.


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  • DVI-D Single Link (24+1) for resolutions up to WUXGA / 1920×1200
  • Gold plated precision contacts, EMI resistance, low attenuation
  • DVI-D Single Link (24+1) male to LC female, full-metal housing
  • Supports Simplex Multimode up to 300m (OM3)
  • “Zero frame delay” for latency and compression free transmission