PureLink PI040
HDMI male ↔ HDMI female (270°)


  • High Speed HDMI for 3D and UltraHD up to 4K (2160p) – HDMI 2.0 compatible
  • Integrated Ethernet channel for 100 MBit network transmission via HDMI
  • Precision-fit production and gold-plated contacts for long-term success
  • Innovative Secure-Lock-System™ for HDMI connections
  • Especially suitable for professional applications and installations


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PI040 – High Speed HDMI 270° Angle Adapter
Our flexible cable guide for difficult to reach sockets!
The PI040 angle adapter is meant to be used on hard to reach HDMI sockets and changes the plug’s approach by 270° for an individually adapted cable guide. Thanks to bonusses like Ethernet channel (HEAC) and ARC, as well as its high reliability, it is especially well suited for professional applications and installations. This adapter is equipped with the Secure-Lock-System™ for a more secure and traction-coping use of HDMI connections. Mind the direction of the HDMI socket during installation – the reverse-directed adapter (90°) in our product line is the PI035.
High-quality materials, custom-fit plugs and couplings, gold-plated pins as well as waiving unnecessary parts, PureInstall products are a good investment for any field of use.
The Latest Generation
Our PureInstall HDMI adapters comply with the latest HDMI standard – HDMI 2.0 High Speedwith Ethernet. They support resolutions up to 4K (4096×2160) and are downward compatible with all former HDMI versions.
Flexible Cable Feed
The PureInstall angle adapters change the predetermined direction of the cable feed towards the HDMI-ready devices. This allows for more flexibility when it comes to installation plans and when problems with set directions are comes across on location.
Conventional HDMI plugs easily lose grip in the socket. The solution: PureLink® High Speed HDMI adapters with Secure-Lock-System™. The SLS™ technology was developed by PureLink especially for a more secure use of HDMI connections. This plug design is one of a kind on the current market and enhances the stability of the connection even with high traction rates, securing the connection permanently.
Custom-fit, Durable and Without Losses
The highly precise manufactured and custom-fit 24-carat gold-plated pins guarantee a perfect transmission and permanently lasting functionality.
HDMI Ethernet Channel and Audio Return Channel
The Ethernet channel (HEAC) within the HDMI cable is a new feature of the HDMI 1.4 standard. With this channel within the cable, you can integrate IP-based entertainment devices such as your TV, set-top-boxes or gaming consoles into your home network, including internet or IP-based services without additional cables. The audio return channel (ARC) eliminates (like the Ethernet channel does), an additional cable within the home cinema system. The ARC sends the digital audio signal – via the HDMI cable – back to your AV-receiver. Therefore, there is no more need for a separate connection with a Toslink cable.
For Professional Purposes and Installations
All PureInstall adapters are manufactured in only the most modern production facilities and are tested a 100% before shipping. During the manufacturing process, the adapters undergo over ten quality tests, making them the most reliable choice on the market.

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