PureLink ProSpeed PS3000
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High Speed HDMI with Ethernet for resolutions up to UltraHD / 4K / 2160p with 60Hz, 4:4:4 color subsampling and 8bit color space – Full 18Gbps bandwidth, supports all HDR formats


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PS3000 Certified Premium HDMI Cable for highest performance incl. glossy design-connectors and SLS technology

High Speed HDMI with Ethernet and 18Gbps bandwidth – Incl. design connector, EMI-protection and Secure-Lock-System™
The PS3000 High Speed HDMI cable included in the ProSpeed series supports the full bandwidth of 18Gbps in lengths up to 5 meters for resolutions up to 4K@60Hz with a full color and contrast spectrum. The lossless transmission according to HDMI 2.0b standard is provided by triple shielding, gold-plated contacts and the use of high-quality OFC copper as inner conductors. A metal strain relief collar is integrated in both plugs and provides – in combination with the cable shielding – continuous EMI protection of the inner conductors from source to sink. In addition, the plug is not subject to so much stress during insertion and removal and is thus much more durable. The Secure-Lock-System™ (SLS™) also provides up to twice as much retention force before the connector is disconnected from the HDMI socket. For an 18Gbps cable, this one has a very small bending radius and is perfectly suited for use in tight-fitting spaces for professional and residential installations.

Full bandwidth and many professional features
PS3000 is a safe investment in future-proof, digital cabling and is perfectly suited for professional and residential applications thanks to a complete EMI shielding and full 18Gbps bandwidth.

The latest generation
The Premium HDMI cable PS3000 of the ProSpeed series supports the latest HDMI features according to specification 2.0b. This cable complies with the latest standard “HDMI High Speed with Ethernet” and can transmit a bandwidth of 18Gbps, enough for resolutions up to UltraHD / 2160p / 4K@60Hz with 4:4:4 color subsampling and 8bit color space or full HDR compatibility. It is of course backwards compatible with all older HDMI specifications.

Lossless transmission and complete EMI shielding
The high-quality inner conductors made of oxygen-free OFC copper create the best prerequisites for a signal transmission free of errors and interference. The precisely fitting SLS™ plugs are 24 carat gold-plated and thus ensure a perfect connection. The solid metal strain relief collar is integrated into the connector shell in both HDMI connectors, in combination with the triple shielding of the cable, completes the Farady cage effect and completly shields the cable from unwanted external signal interference.

Secure Lock System™
Conventional HDMI plugs easily loose their grip in the socket. The Secure-Lock-System™ technology (SLS™) is designed to increase the contact pressure of the HDMI connector inside the socket. HDMI plugs with SLS™ technology can cope with up to twice as much tensile force as plugs without SLS™, before the plug is disconnected from the socket. This plug construction, including the metal relief collar, is unique on the market and increases the stability of the connection even under high tensile stress, so that the installation is permanently protected.

ProSpeed – flexible and powerful
The PS3000 cables of the ProSpeed series are characterised by a slim cross-section of only 6mm and are therefore easy and space-saving to install. The small bending radius allows it to be used in hard-to-reach places, both for professional and residential installations.

HDMI Ethernet Channel
Benefit from an innovation of the HDMI 1.4 standard! The Ethernet channel in the HDMI cable allows you to integrate IP-based entertainment devices such as TVs, set-top boxes or game consoles into your home network and use the Internet or IP-based services without additional cabling.

HDMI audio return channel
Like the Ethernet channel, the audio return channel saves an additional cable in the home cinema area. This channel, also known as ARC or Audio-Return-Channel, sends the digital audio signal back to your AV receiver via the HDMI cable. This eliminates the need for a separate Toslink cable.

Professional quality
With a PureLink product you always choose first-class professional quality. PureLink HDMI cables master the challenge of transferring images and sounds perfectly, even at the highest data rates. Our HDMI products are optimized for HDTV requirements, so there is no risk of pixel errors.

Recommended usage
The PS3000 is ideal for connecting two HDMI devices with HDMI-A connectors.

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