SC-Cicada 4
Patch & Microphone cable

  • 4 x 0,14mm²
  • PUR jacket (± 3,4mm)
  • Available on 100m spools


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This midget…

with its 2,60 mm diameter fits through wherever there is little space. We originally developed the SC-Cicada SO-D14 as a high-quality cable for the internal wiring of racks and audio equipment. However, after extensive tests by various makers of microphones they were quick to realise the excellent technical and electrical values of that cable. So the SC-Cicada SO-D14 can now be found on many clip and ear microphones, headphone sets and speaker units.
Notably appreciated is the extremely high flexibility, the dense helical shielding, and the pre-twisted and tinned drain wire on the SC-Cicada SO-D14, which gives the cable added protection against bending and tearing.
If you are a manufacturer of high-quality audio components, wire your devices with this cable! Its low noise and shielding are going to thrill you!

Comes with a notch- and cold-resistant PUR jacket!


  • Highly flexible because of its fine single litz design
  • Easy to handle owing to the extra drain wire (0.22 mm²)
  • Superb shielding due to the tight helical mesh screen with 95 % coverage
  • Durable and notch-resistant due to the sturdy PUR jacket


  • Interior wiring of mixing consoles, racks, and other audio
  • Flexible cable for clip-on microphones, earphones, speaker units, etc.
  • Assembly of adapter cable

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