SC-Matrix MMC
Installation Multipair

  • Halogenfree modulation multipair cable
  • Analog & digital audio
  • Pairs of 0,25mm²
  • FRNC jacket
  • Available per meter


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Blessed be the fire’s might…

if tamed by man at day and night. Tamed are the flames if they extinguish themselves during a fire and no hazardous gases are set free. This is ensured by a special jacket and a clever interior construction, built according to the FRNC guideline for halogen-free and flame-retardant cables. It’s obligatory for any installations in public buildings.
The SC-Matrix MMC is a digital multipair or modulation cable resp. which owing to its large wire cross-section of 0,25 mm² is also suitable for installation across distances exceeding 130 m. Due to its pairwise AL/PT foil screen and the overall screen consisting of a copper mesh plus AL/PT foil, the SC-Matrix MMC offers an excellent protection against interferences.

This cable is not suitable for mobile applications!


  • Halogen-free and flame-retardant according to test type C (IEC60332-1 60332-3)
  • Available from stock in more than 9 different lengths
  • Suitable for long distances due to the large wire cross-section of
  • Digital-capable due to the ohms wave impedance
  • For better identification the wire pairs are numbered and colour-coded


  • To be used as an audio, modulation and AES/EBU cable
  • Permanent installation in public buildings such as schools, theatres and discos
  • Installation in broadcasting studios for connecting sound systems
  • Underground installation

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  • 2 pairs: 100-0302-02
  • 4 pairs: 100-0302-04
  • 8 pairs: 100-0302-08
  • 12 pairs: 100-0302-12
  • 16 pairs: 100-0302-16