SC-Mercator CAT7 – FRNC
Duplex Install CAT7 S/FTP

  • Installation duplex CAT7 S/FTP cable
  • 1000MHz
  • AWG 23 solid conductors
  • Shotgun construction
  • FRNC jacket (± 7,60mm)
  • Available on 100m / 500m spools


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It‘s better to be on the safe side…

for computer cables are produced in such great quantities that due to the tremendous pricing pressure, the quality often falls by the wayside. This results in a poor transmission and an expensive, time-robbing fault tracing. We deliver a high-quality version with a short twist pitch and a durable FRNC jacket. The perfect installation line for the transmission of high Class F bitrates in compliance with the
approbation (FAST ETHERNET, ATM155 Protocols, EN 50173 2ed, EN 50288-1, EN 50288-5-1, IEC 61156-5, ISO/IEC 11801 2ed). It is downward compatible with all existing network protocols CAT.5, CAT.6 and CAT.6a.


  • Short twist pitch and high-quality insulation
  • Great durability due to special jacket compound
  • Length overprint on cable


  • Connection of computers and media technical equipment

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