SC-Monolith 1
Power & DMX

  • Power: 3G1,5mm²
  • AES/EBU/DMX: 2×0,25mm²
  • PVC jacket (± 12,40mm)
  • Available per meter


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When the lights begin to dance…

the people stare in wonder! But there is quite a bit of technology behind it. And cables do not play the least important part here. The power for the spotlights and the control signals for their movements must be transmitted via cables. Both cables are combined in a robust cable hose, providing the input lead for the lighting desk and other DMX 512-equipped control devices.

The SC-Monolith 1 POWER/DMX consists of a 3 x 1,50 mm² power cable and one DMX 512 line. Each DMX wire pair is shielded by a tinned helical copper mesh. The power cable was developed in compliance with VDE and has its own jacket for extra safety.

Of course the AES/EBU cable can also be used as a microphone cable or as a feed line for active loudspeaker systems.


  • Parallel control for lighting boards through one cable via power line and DMX signal
  • Very flexible and enormously tread-resistant due to the round jacket made of cotton and viscose
  • Very good pairwise shielding of the DMX lines due to tinned helical copper mesh screen or copper braiding


  • Control line for DMX lighting consoles (wave impedance of 0 Ω)
  • Analogue digital audio multipair with power supply

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