SC-Onyx Tynee
Unbalanced Cable

  • Instrument, patch & diode cable
  • 1 x 0,22mm²
  • PVC jacket (± 4,0mm)
  • Available on 100m spools


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Inconspicuous and yet so important…

are those little helpers which are built into almost every electrical appliance today. These small shielded instrument cables are also called “diode cables“ colloquially and they are quasi the simpler version of instrument cables like the ones used in professional audio technology. Because of their mobile application, instrument cables for guitars have mostly a dual shielding provided by a helical mesh screen and a carbon screen, while the diode cable has a simple helical copper mesh which is sufficient if the cable is not moved around or even if it is permanently installed in electrical components. In the audio sector, diode cables are used as connection lead for hifi components or as a budget keyboard lead, whereas in the electrical sector we see incredibly versatile applications. The SC-Onyx Tynee is especially popular with developers, manufacturers and electronics tinkerers since it features a tight litz stranding, a high copper quality (OFC class 6) and a very durable jacket compound.


  • Very flexible because of its fine single litz design
  • Small jacket diameter, ensuring easy handling with RCA and jack connectors
  • Durable jacket compound and oxygen-free copper (OFC class 6)


  • Cabling of unbalanced devices (keyboards)
  • Connection lead for hifi components
  • Assembly of Y-adapter cable
  • Assembly of insert cable
  • For the interior wiring of electrical appliances

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