SC-Primus FRNC
Microphone cable

  • Long distance microphone cable
  • 2 x 0,50mm² conductors
  • FRNC jacket (± 6,7mm)
  • Available on 100m spools


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The marathon runner…

ain’t got it easy. He must keep running on. Our cables, too, must put the long distances behind them in the sporting arena. But they are lying, not running. A cross section of 2 x 0,50 mm² makes this cable ideal for theatres, public buildings etc. Because of its 100 % shielding and its thick outer jacket the SC-Primus is also recommended for installation in discos and night clubs, because neither the aggressive nicotine nor high temperature fluctuations can hardly affect this cable. Performing artists swear by this cable, rental agencies prefer the SC-Primus because of its sturdiness and intrinsic torsion, making manual wind-up a cakewalk.


  • Optimum transmission quality even with excess lengths due to the large wire gauge of 2 x 0,50 mm²
  • 100 % shielding due to dense helical copper mesh screen and extra metallised fleece
  • Great durability due to the thick FRNC jacket with a diameter of 6,50 mm


  • Broadcasting and OB van technology, building installation
  • Professional studio technology
  • Tough stage application
  • Installation in discos, coffee shops, at sporting events

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