SC-Source MKII
Microphone cable

  • 2 x 0,25mm²
  • PVC jacket
  • Available on 100m / 200m / 500m spools


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The hymns of praise by cable…

experts have made this cable a bestseller. Originally this microphone cable was developed for manufacturers of professional studio microphones such as BPM and Schoeps. Their demands for top quality helped us design a professional and yet affordable studio microphone cable. SC-Source MKIIis 100 % shielded due to the use of a tight helical copper mesh screen and a rugged braided fleece around the wire pairs (FRNC version with AL foil). The fleece has been vaporised on both sides with a conductive aluminium layer. This guarantees the 100 % shielding to last even with strong wear. This cable should be
used wherever electrical sources could interfere with audio and data transmission. Cables with similar excellent values cost almost twice as much at our competitors.
The fine 0,05 mm copper stranding makes it a very popular cable for outdoor transmission and mobile applications.


  • Neutral and loss-free audio transmission due to special copper strand design
  • 100 % shielding due to dense helical copper mesh screen plus extra AL fleece/AL foil
  • Professional technology at a budget price
  • Available in a notch- and cold-resistant PUR version


  • Professional studio and microphone technology
  • Outdoor transmission/OB van
  • Permanent stage application

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