SC-Square MKII Highflex
Starquad Microphone Cable

  • Star Quad microphone cable
  • 4 x 0,20mm²
  • PVC jacket (± 6,5mm)
  • Available on 100m spools


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The sound director…

calls the tune and our cable is just the same kind of “show-off“. The SC-Square 4-Core MKII is a top microphone cable with great extravagance. Two wires are paired for optimum sound to improve the capacitive values. In studios the cable is primarily used to provide phantom power or for noise suppression (for noise reduction a crosswise connection should be used, i.e. opposite wires RED/WHITE and BLUE/YELLOW are paired). A dense helical Cu mesh screen and an additional metallised fleece foil ensure superior protection. Because of its sophisticated design this cable is also frequently found in discerning hifi studios where it flatters the ear with homogenous and linear sound image. If you don’t want to compromise on sound or “electrical” things in the studio, then this is your cable!


  • Extremely noise-free due to the crossover connection of the 4 single wires
  • Suitable as a phantom power supply and stereo cable due to its 2 extra conductors
  • Very good transmission safety and linear sound transmission
  • Extremely robust and good tensile strength due to the thick PVC jacket
  • 100 % shielding owing to dense helical copper mesh screen plus additional
    metallised fleece foil


  • Professional studio and microphone technology
  • Connection of effects and control units which require a return signal
  • Professional MIDI-technology, transfer cable
  • High-end connection of hifi components

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