Senko MPO Plus Smart Cleaner
MPO connector cleaner

The Senko MPO Plus Smart Cleaner properties are:

  • Name/Model No. Smart Cleaner MPO SCK-SS-MPO
  • Compatible Connectors MPO Connectors, MTP Connectors Plug and Port
  • Compatible End Face Compatible with flat and 8 degree angled end face with or without guide pins
  • Number of Uses > 600 times
  • Size L205 x W15 x H51 mm
  • Weight 45 g


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Along with ongoing progress in the speed and scale of optical communications development, is an increasing need for higher reliability in optical network equipment. One of the largest factors in the loss of reliability is contamination of optical connector end face. In order to remove this factor, optical connector cleaners are indispensable cleaning tools. In response to the special cleaning needs of multi-fiber optical connectors, Senko is introducing a new cleaner for MPO optical connectors: the Senko MPO Plus Smart Cleaner.
By further expanding its lineup of optical connector cleaners, Senko is able to respond to an even wider range of its customers needs

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