Senko Smart Fiber Checker
Visible Light-Source

The Senko Smart Fiber Checker properties are:

  • Continuous / Pulse Mode options
  • Auto Power Control circuit design to provide a stable LD output power
  • Low Voltage Battery warning signal in LED
  • Compatible to SC / ST / FC / LC Connectors
  • Visibility to 3 Km


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The Senko Smart Fiber Checker allows a refraction of the 650nm red light caused by any breaks and or cracks in the fiber to glow red, thus giving an exact visual location of the fault in the fiber.

  • Laser Class Class 2M
  • Wavelength (nm) 650 nm +/-10 nm@ 25
  • Spectral Width < 10nm
  • Output Power >0.5 mW@ 25 into singlemode fiber
  • Mode CW/ Pulse
  • Battery Type AAA 1.5Vx2
  • Output Power Reliable +/-0.2 mW
  • Transmitting Range Visibility to 3 Km
  • Operating Temperature 0~ 50°C
  • Storage Temperature 0~ 70°C

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