Senko Smart Power Meter
Multimode & Singlemode

The Senko Smart Power Meter is a :

  • Robust & handy design with LED display
  • Easy checking of Multimode & Singlemode output of 850nm ~1625nm
  • Universal 2.5mm to 1.25mm adapter for SC/ST/FC/LC/MU Connector


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The Senko Smart Power Meter measures power in both 850 nm / 1300 nm (Multimode) and 1310nm ~ 1625nm (Singlemode) respectively. The SENKO smart power meter, in conjunction with the SENKO smart source is an effective, quick way to test and certify a fiber optic link.The meter comes in multimode and single mode with respective wavelengths at 850/1300 MM and 1310/1550 SM.

  • Wavelength (Multimode) 850 nm/ 1300 nm
  • Optical Power Range (Multimode) -30 dBm ~ -15 dBm
  • Wavelength (Singlemode) 1310nm ~ 1625nm
  • Optical Power Range (Singlemode) -40dBm ~ +5dBm
  • Battery AAA 1.5Vx2
  • Resolution 1 dBm/ 0.1dBm
  • Fiber Connector Universal Type
  • Display 2 Digit (MM) / 3 Digit (SM)
  • Operating Temperature 0~ 50°C
  • Storage Temperature 0~ 70°C

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