Senko Smart mini-Cleaner 2.50mm
SC, FC, ST, E-2000 cleaner

The Senko Smart mini-Cleaner 2.50mm properties are:

  • Designed for all types of simplex connectors
  • Compact size for easy hand-held operations
  • Dry-clean without the use of harmful substances
  • Cleaning micro fibers are densely stranded and debris free
  • Constructed with anti-static material
  • 400+ cleanings per unit
  • Easy pushing motion engages connector and initiates cleaner
  • Extendable tip reaches recessed connectors
  • Cleaning system rotates 180 for a full sweep


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The Senko Smart mini-Cleaner 2.50mm is designed to specially work well with the LC/MU and SC/FC/ST/E-2000 connectors, this instrument cleans the ferrule end faces removing dust, oil, and other debris without nicking or scratching the end face. The Senko Smart mini-Cleaner 250mm for simplex connections is a dry cloth cleaner specially designed to clean single fiber connectors. Designed as an adapter, the dust cap of the cleaner acts as an adapter for cleaning unmated connectors.

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