Sommer Cable 200-0241AQ
Microphone Cable SC-AQUA MARINEX MIKRO 25; 2 x 0,25 mm²; PUR-SR Ø 7,20 mm; black

  • Sea- and freshwater resistant outer jacket
  • 110 Ω wave impedance
  • Transversely watertight due to water-absorbing, pressure-compensating protective banding
  • Halogen-free
  • Cold-flexible and reelable
  • UV- and microbe-resistant
  • Shielded by two tight CU mesh screens, insulated against each other

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Shower singers should be happy now …

Over the new SC-AQUA MARINEX MIKRO 25 microphone cable for permanent underwater use. The SC-AQUA MARINEX MIKRO 25 microphone and AES/EBU cable is the standard installation line in wet zones like e.g. aqua parks or water oases. Not only does it ensure an excellent audio transmission, it also allows to trigger visual effects. Especially with longtime events such as lake night festivals, Christmas markets, sports events, in the theater sector or the demanding OB van technology the SC-AQUA MARINEX MIKRO 25 is the ideal connection. To arm it against the high water pressure as well as mechanical and electrical influences, we gave the wires an additional internal stabilization and fitted them with two tight braided screens which are insulated against each other, i.e. for safety reasons one screen may be applied to the shell of the XLR connector. Of course, the cables can also be used for standard sound reinforcement applications. They are somewhat more rigid than conventional PVC cables, yet almost indestructible.


  • Permanent laying in a maximum water depth of 50 m
  • Demanding outdoor installation (e.g. with long-time events)
  • Installation and usage near the coast and in boat-building
  • In- and outdoor installation in leisure parks and water oases
  • Digital control of visual effects

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