Sommer Cable 380-0241-05034AQ
SC-Aqua Marinex LED Control; PUR-SR, Ø 5,10 mm

  • UV-resistant and halogen-free
  • Cross Waterproof by “Water Blocking Tape”
  • Saltwater resistant, sand and dirt repellent
  • Ideal for mobile use
  • Temperature-resistant and flexible at low temperatures of -40 ° C to + 80 ° C

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A dime a dozen …

By now there are LED cables available, but only very few which are suitable for use in the sand by the sea, too. RGBW LED cables are often exposed to such adverse conditions like heat, sand, water or direct sunlight. Most standard control cables are not suitable for the permanent outdoor installation because they are neither UV resistant nor transversely watertight and will therefore decompose over time under such heavy-duty use. We offer our RGBW LED cable with a halogen-free, UV resistant outer jacket – for outdoor and indoor use – incl. an additional water-blocking tape for continuous use in, under and by the water. Moreover, the AQUA cable is extremely notch-proof, cold flexible (-40°C), heat resistant (+80°C), sand-repellent, salt water resistant and perfectly suitable for mobile use, owing to tightly stranded 0.10mm (0.004 in.) class N6 OFC wires. Of course, it may be used also as a control line in medical areas or electrical engineering.


  • Special RGBW LED cable to 5 adriger execution (4 wires for color channels + black return conductor)
  • Extension for RGB strips or as an RGB signal lead
  • For permanent installation in and around water max. Depth 10 m

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