Sommer Cable 440-0241AQ
Speaker Cable SC-AQUA MARINEX SPEAKER 240; 2 x 4,00 mm²; PUR-SR Ø 11,20 mm; black

  • Sea- and freshwater resistant outer jacket
  • Transversely watertight due to water-absorbing, pressure-compensating protective banding
  • Halogen-free
  • Cold-flexible and reelable
  • UV- and microbe-resistant
  • Shielded by a tight CU meshwork
  • Chlorine water resistant

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Unbending and yet bendable …

is the new SC-AQUA MARINEX SPEAKER 225 speaker cable for permanent underwater use. Originally this robust cable was intended for use in theme or amusement parks. But it also enjoys a high popularity for installations at long-term events such as Christmas markets, lake festivals or sporting events under extremely adverse conditions (e.g. equestrian events). We have added an extra stabilization to the inner wires and a tight, braided shield so that the SC-AQUA MARINEX SPEAKER 225 can equally withstand high water pressure as well as mechanical and electrical influences. Of course, the cables can also be used for live sound reinforcement applications, however, they are slightly stiffer than conventional PVC cables, yet super robust.


  • Permanent laying in a maximum water depth of 50 m
  • Demanding outdoor installation (e.g. with long-time events)
  • Installation and usage near the coast and in boat-building
  • In- and outdoor installation in leisure parks and water oases
  • Underwater sound reinforcement in theme parks or aqua parks

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