Sommer Cable 540-0051FC
DMX Binary 434 DMX512; 4 x 0,34 mm²; FRNC Ø 7,00 mm; black; Cca

  • Digital transmission over long distances due to the DMX and AES/EBU standards
  • Excellent protection against electric interference (Cu mesh screen + AL/PT foil)
  • Extremely robust due to the special tough jacket



One step forward, one step back…

Round and round, this ain’t too hard. When data have to pass to and fro, a digital cable with return channel should be used. The wave impedance is also defined as 110 Ω with this cable. Of the 4 wires 2 are employed for the feedback function. The robust outer jacket is suitable for outdoor and fixed installations alike. Color coding according to DIN 47100. Owing to the double shielding (AL/PT foil + Cu braid) and the wire coding it complies with the generally applicable regulations (VDE 0812/VDE 0207). Transfer speed 256 Kbs pursuant to EIA 485 standard.


  • Networking of scanners and lighting systems with check-back function
  • Connection of digital control units and devices of all kinds

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