Sommer Cable 600-0241AQ
RG59 & Phono SC-AQUA MARINEX VIDEO 0.6L/3.7; 1 x 0,60/3,30; PUR-SR Ø 6,40 mm; black

  • Solid outer jacket and robust inner structure (PE insulation)
  • Cable reel rollable
  • Cost-efficient underwater variant
  • Usable in great water depths
  • Cold flexible

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Expensive hobbies do not necessarily require…

An expensive cable. This cable was originally developed for the boat building industry. The SC-AQUA MARINEX VIDEO 0.6L/3.7 video cable is very often used for installations in speedboats or vessels to connect e.g. audio components or video surveillance monitors. The 0,60 mm/3,30 mm cable has a small diameter and an insulation of solid PE, which is why it can be permanently used underwater and withstand high water pressure. Due to its unbalanced construction the SC-AQUA MARINEX VIDEO 0.6L/3.7 may also serve as an instrument lead or AF phono cable, as is more and more often required on deluxe motor- and speedboats or yachts. Ideally these nearly indestructible cables have a black, UV-resistant outer jacket which can be easily painted over using wall paint without affecting its functionality or finish.


  • Video cable for permanent installation in shipbuilding, tunnel construction or in sports arenas
  • Flexible video cable for the camera supply line on dive sessions
  • High-quality phono/audio line for AF transmission

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