Sommer Cable 700-0241-0325AQ
Power Lead SC-AQUA MARINEX POWER 325; 3 x 2,50 mm²; PUR-SR, Ø 9,40 mm; black

  • Sea- and freshwater resistant outer jacket
  • Transversely watertight by water-absorbing, pressure-compensating guard band
  • Halogen-free
  • Cold-flexible and reelable
  • UV- and microbe-resistant
  • Fine litz construction for a high number of bending cycles
  • Chlorine water resistant

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To let it not just flow …

but have a real “current“ flowing under water, requires the highest safety-related standards. This cable is likewise equipped with a robust, high-quality jacket made of thermoplastic PUR (TMPU according to EN 50267-2-1 – IEC 60754-1) and has the typical protective band which prevents moisture from percolating and offers an excellent protection against damages. Of course, the AQUA MARINEX series can also be used in the live PA business, however, the cables are slightly stiffer than conventional neoprene lines, yet virtually indestructible under normal conditions. The SC-AQUA MARINEX POWER 325 remains cold flexible down to –40 °C, which makes it your prime choice for winter events. Hydrolysis resistant according to EN 50396, testing procedure compliant to EN 60811. Maximum water pressure 20 bars.


  • Permanent laying in a max. water depth of 50 m
  • Installation on boats, ships and yachts
  • Demanding outdoor installation (e.g. at long-time events)
  • Installation and use near the coast
  • Outdoor and indoor installation in amusement parks and water oases
  • Outdoor laying in the snow
  • Power supply in sediment and pump engineering

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