H07RN-F Flexible Power Cable

TITANEX® cables are considered the very best, incorporating flexibility and unequalled resistance and are mainly used in the fields of film and theatre productions, industrial settings, public works, buildings, lifting and handling capacities, in mountain or aquatic environments and in the iron and steel industries.

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• an extreme flexibility: used on production floors of many companies, theaters,..

• a superb solidity: highly resistant to shocks and scouring, ideal for public works.

• resistant to oils and chemical residues, whether in acid or base environments

• not sensitive to temperature fluctuations

• excellent behaviour in water, long time immersion in water (e.g. pools, pumps,..)

Key domains:

• industrial buildings

• public works

• hoisting, shipping, discharging

• mixers

• high altitude or mountain installations

• elevators

• theaters

• steel industry

• water

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