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What are CPR cables?

CPR, short for Construction Product Regulation, is Europe’s classification of cables based on their reaction to fire.

There exist seven different classes which define how a particular cable reacts to fire. Various criteria are taken into consideration when assessing a cable’s ability to resist fire, such as flame spread, smoke emission, corrosivity of gases, etc.

Please take a look at our blog post for more information about CPR.

Do I need CPR cables?

The answer depends on where you are going to install your cables. Cables which are not tested and certified according to the Euroclass sytem can no longer be used in European buildings or civil engineering works. In conclusion, you should check with local authorities if you plan on installing cables in a fixed installation, and particularity in public buildings.

How can I find CPR cables?

If you’re in the bulk cable category, congratulations you’re already in the right place. Now what you need to do is look at your left, and use the filter called “CPR Euroclass”. There you can filter products by the class that you need.

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