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opticalCON MTP® 24

The opticalCON MTP® 24 system offers 24 optical fibers housed inside the opticalCON connector according to the MTP® technology. Thanks to the spring loaded push-pull locking mechanism and aramid yarn for cable retention, the opticalCON connector is very well protected against dust and dirt. When not connected, an automatic shutter provides protection for the LC ferrules. The opticalCON MTP® 12 is available in multimode PC and singlemode APC.

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Neutrik NO24FDW-A
opticalCON MTP® 24 chassis connector

The rear compatibility of opticalCON MTP® 24 chassis fitting with standard MTP® 24 (ELITE male with 20 N springforce) breakout cable allows easy adaptation to fiber standard connectors such as LC, SC, ST. The approved dust shutter ensures high mating cycles and minimal maintenance. The housing seal is used for color coding and IP protection.  


Neutrik opticalCON MTP® 24
24 fibers

Assembled, rugged and lightweight 24-channel mobile field cable, excellent cable retention due to aramid yarn, black PUR outer jacket, available in single (APC) and multi mode (PC). The opticalCON MTP® cable connector accommodates 24 optical fibers (multimode PC or single mode APC) based on conventional and proven MTP® connectivity protected by a ruggedized and durable all-metal...