etherCON TOP: Waterproof & UV Ethernet Connectors

Neutrik NE8MX-TOP

Male cable connector carrier

Neutrik NE8FDP-TOP

Female feedthrough chassis

Neutrik NE8FDV-TOP

Female vertical PCB chassis

Neutrik NE8FDH-C5E-TOP

Female horizontal PCB chassis

Features Comparison

Standard RJ45 Plug etherCON® etherCON® TOP
Field of use Indoor Indoor, outdoor Indoor, outdoor
Latch protection Weak to none Yes Yes
Harsh Environment - Yes Yes
IP Protection - IP54 (with SE8FD sealing kit) IP65 (in mated condition)
UV Resistant - - Yes
Weather resistant - - Yes

What you need to know:

  • Old etherCON connectors are convertible: If you need current etherCON connectors to benefit the same outdoor protection as the TOP, you can convert them using the assembly kit SE8FD-TOP.
  • The E-SCREW-1-12SS stainless steel mounting screws for the chassis etherCON are provided with the connectors.
  • All etherCON TOP on this page are UL50E certified and IP65 rated. They feature improved materials capable of resisting against Ultra-violets for a long period of time and are protected from water, dust, and dirt.
  • The news series comes only in a black version..

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