XIRUM PRO - Digital Wireless Audio System

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This product is discontinued and no longer available

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Using the Digital Wireless Audio (DiWA) technology developed by Neutrik, we are able to provide you with an amazing wireless system with studio sound quality (equivalent to cable quality!).

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Neutrik developed a proprietary protocol which ensures that signals are being sent continuously once a line is established. In other words, even if the Xirium Pro works at Super High Frequency (less commonly used frequencies), the other 802.11 devices will keep quiet, as they will see the channel being continuously busy.

  • Works on SHF (5GHz for the Xirium Pro)
  • Indoor/Outdoor environment (IP54)
  • FEC algorithm allows the Xirium to handle 17 packets in a row before being 'out of range'
  • XROC: eXtreme Ruggedized One Channel
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Don't lose any more time and money in awkward cable solutions, go wireless in a few steps.

  • No license required (5GHz = license free)
  • Memory function which simplifies the setup for future projects
  • Automatic frequency management
  • Software App which allows you to optimize your transmission and do live monitoring (delay time, signal strength, battery power, ...)
  • Modular I/O concept
XiriumPro app tablet

Easy-to-use app.

The software makes optimizing the aerial alignment and determining the location of the repeater a breeze. Moreover, it can also serve as a useful tool during set up. The XIRIUM PRO app facilitates the setting of all function parameters and the monitoring of the wireless devices with iOS or Android tablets. (e.g. signal strength, battery power, etc.). Future functional expansion or performance optimization of the wireless devices can easily be accomplished via the firmware update function.

Overcomes wireless obstacles like walls and corners.

The RX can either be used as a receiver or, by changing the output module, as a repeater. To clarify, in repeater mode the RX forwards the audio signal received from the TX without any changes. Which in turn can now be received by an unlimited number of RX receivers set to reception mode. Most importantly, the repeater represents the perfect addition to the system: it doubles the range of the system and helps to overcome walls, corners or other obstacles.

Up to 6 audio channels.

The system may be expanded to six sound channels for the transmission of several, discrete audio signals. Therefore, three TX transmitters may be operated in parallel. This set up allows the use of an unlimited number of RX receivers.

Automatic selection of the best signal.

Besides enhancing the range or overcoming obstacles, the RX repeater offers another feature: since the repeater duplicates and transmits the signals received from the TX, it becomes a second redundant audio source for every other RX. In other words, an RX located within the reception area of a TX and a repeater, can now choose one of two identical signals and automatically select the one with the better signal quality.

XIRUM PRO - System Components

2 base units, 7 modules and the XIRIUM PRO software app