Reccording studio & broadcast quality transmission (24bit / 48kHz sample rate) of up to 2 audio channels

Transmission: No compression, no compander, no reduction of converted data

THD: < 0.01 / @1KHz

Dynamic range: > 105 dB @ 1 kHz, A-weighted

Crosstalk: < 80 dB @ 20 kHz

Number of audio channels @ 24mbps: 2

Number of audio channels @ 6mpbs: 1 (XROC mode)

Latency (Delay): 3.6 ms

Frequency response: +0.5 dB / 1.5 dB @ 20Hz - 20kHz red. 1kHz

The only way to achieve this audio quality is by using the 5GHz band. A digital, uncompressed audio stream of 24 bit / 48kHz requires a bandwith of 1,15MHz: this means the signal can’t be transmitted in the UHF band without a compander. By choosing the 5GHz band, XIRIUM PRO can use up to 20MHz of bandwith.

XIRIUM PRO combines digital transmission facilitating the highest possible sound quality, reliability and outstanding perfor-mance in one unique solution. As a true replacement for cable bound systems it eliminates the often difficult and time con-suming task of running cables.

DIWA® (Digital Wireless Audio) is a protocol developed by Neutrik for the XIRIUM products.

Channel occupation  (view details)

The constant DIWA® data flow prevents interference from other devices occupying the 5GHz frequency band.


DIWA® offers a very low, fixed latency of 3,6ms.

Specially developed and patented data protocols transmit redundant data packets assuring trouble-free transmission.

The use of advanced error correction ensures uninterrupted signal reception, eliminating delays or loss of the audio transmission. In fact, as many as 17 data packets may be lost without harming the signal.

Using a repeater unit improves the reliability of a transmission. It acts like a secondary sender from a different location with different propagation properties. The receiver automatically selects the best signal:

Exceeding boundaries  (view more)

The repeater is the perfect extension for the system: when used, the system range can be doubled, and walls, corners or other obstacles can be overcome.

Extended true diversity for even more reliable reception  (view more)

Since the repeater duplicates and forwards the signals received from the transmitter, it becomes a second, redundant audio source for every receiver. Each receiver automatically selects the best signal and switches between them without interruption.

When RF congestion at a venue or event is at its worst, activate the exclusive XROC feature and eliminate any opportunity for offending RF traffic to affect your wireless audio signal. Just one channel is transmitted instead of two, though the quality and characteristics of the signal remain unchanged.

Available for iPad and Android tablets, the user friendly XIRIUM PRO app provides enhanced setup functions and allows monitoring and control of XIRIUM PRO devices. (view)

Instantly ready for service - just like with a cable

Simply push a button for connecting the devices with each other, which are instantly ready for operation. The memory function simplifies the setup for future projects.

Effortless installation

XIRIUM PRO channels do not require a license, contrarily to other wireless systems.

Setup optimizing

The XIRIUM PRO app (for iOS and Android) enables you to set up, configure and monitor all aspects of system functions.

With its ruggedized outdoor rated housing (IP54), the system can be used indoors and outdoors and offers the ultimate flexibility.

Whether the signal type is analog, digital (AES/EBU) or Dante, XIRIUM PRO offers modules to accept any of them. Need to transmit an analog signal and plug into a digital output ? No problem. Select an analog input module for the transmitter, and the AES digital output module for the receiver. In fact, every receiver in a system can use a different output module, allowing for signal conversion to the type used by your device.

XIRIUM PRO units can be operated on either 240VAC 50/Hz mains power or on the internal Li-Ion Battery Pack (typical battery runtime is about 10 hours, depending on type of module transmission power settings, XROC mode, number of charging cycles and temperature).