Sound Level Predictor

The Sound Level Predictor is a free PC software that allows the mixer guy at a live concert to glance 10 minutes into the future and see a simple visual display of what the sound pressure level is likely to be.

Sound guys are often required to work with a red light that indicates when local regulation sound limits have been exceeded. When the red bulb lights up, the knee-jerk reaction is to reduce the main gains on the mixing console. This action can compromise the quality of the mix, particularly at venues where a loud acoustic stage sound is being produced (drums, brass, monitors) or where the speakers are non-linear (do not have the same frequency response when sound levels are reduced).

Maintain the Quality of your Mix

The Sound Level Predictor gives the FOH-engineer a heads-up that sound levels could exceed the limits within the next 10 minutes. This allows enough time to reduce the energy in the mix by adjusting individual instrument and vocal levels and frequencies. The quality of the mix is thus less likely to be compromised as much as it would be by simply pushing those main sliders down.

Sound Level Predictor supports FOH-Engineer

A quick glance at the graphic display shows the state-of-play so you can see how quickly the level is approaching the limit. The Sound Level Predictor thus seeks to work "with" the FOH-engineer rather than being "the red light that I hate".

System Requirements: