Belram is pleased to introduce you to the future leader of the optical fiber field: Cleerline SSF™, producer of the finest state-of-the-art fiber technology (the most flexible fiber optic available on the market).

Indeed, Cleerline SSF™ has developed a dedicated fiber polymer, allowing them to create a revolutionary fiber which is: 

  • Stronger: up to 10,000 times the bend capacity and up to 200 times the durability over traditional fiber.
  • Safer: its coating prevents glass shards from puncturing skin, protecting the technician.
  • Faster: fiber technicians were able to terminate SSF™ up to 33% faster than other industry bend insensitive fiber.
comparison chart between traditional and SFF fiber

SSF™ Fiber is far simpler to terminate because the bare fiber is never exposed, and SSF™ soft peel coating is far easier to remove than traditional fiber’s hard acrylate layer. 

It has been also demonstrated that after minimal training, technicians were able to achieve nearly identical attenuation rates with SSF™. Loss measurements for SSF™ were within 0.03 decibels (dB) of the loss measurements for traditional fiber when tested via single and double ended testing

Not only is SSF™ simpler to terminate, it is extremely resilient under difficult conditions. In one test, both SSF™ and traditional fibers were bent to a radius of 3 to 3.5 mm between two metal plates and submerged in 90°C water to simulate extreme conditions.


As we can see here, SSF™ took nearly 40 hours (130,000 seconds) to reach a 100% chance of failure. The nearest competitor took only approximately 16 minutes to reach a 100% failure rate.

SSF™ can tolerate a great deal of stress with little chance of failure, meaning enhanced security for installations. Furthermore, under the IEC60793-1-33 standard for fiber optics, fiber is tested to determine the dynamic and static fatigue values for the fiber, indicating how well fiber will last over time.

Cleerline, Destroyer of Fiber Myths

1. Fiber is fragile to pull and bend

Cleerline highly resistant and flexible fiber optic can handle up to 100kg for a short-term load and has its lowest radius at 3.0mm. You can literally do a knot in your fiber and it will still be working properly. Check it here for a live demonstration!

2. Fiber is difficult to terminate

Previously, working with fiber was difficult. The fiber was fragile, shards of glass were dangerous and terminating fiber was also a skill that took days of training and practice. However, Cleerline SSF™ has removed every one of these challenges. Their fiber can be terminated in less than one minute, as you can see in this video. The patented polymer coating at the glass level makes our fiber safer and easier to handle.

3. Fiber termination tools are expensive

With its polymer and pre-polished connectors, it is now very possible to successfully terminate fiber without investing in expensive fusion splicing equipment. Indeed, as you have seen in the video that shows you that you can terminate your connector in less than a minute, you don’t need a lot of material.

Cleerline Products

The Cleerline Technology Group offers a large range of fiber optic products: from HDMI AOC cables to pre-polished fiber connectors, testing and cleaning kits, and even more!

Cleerline SSF-48UHD-AOC

8k HDMI AOC Cable

Cleerline SSF-LC-MMFPC-10

Fiber Optic Pre-Polished Connectors

Cleerline SSF™ TKITP-400

Pro Fiber Testing Kit