opticalCON®: the unbreakable fiber optic connection system by Neutrik

In this article, we would like to introduce you to all the possibilities the famous Neutrik opticalCON® rugged fiber cable offers.

We will explain the difference between the various solutions, compare their features, highlight their performances and their advantages.

The opticalCON® design is based on a unique concept which combines low maintenance, high mating cycles, and a safe connection in the field.

But which one of them should you choose?


Based on your needs, you can choose between various fiber possibilities (MM/SM, number of fibers, connection types,...).

Number of Fibers
2 (DUO)
4 (QUAD)
12 (MTP12)
24 (MTP24)

Cable Connectors

Neutrik produced 2 solutions, the LITE version and the ADVANCED version. While the ADVANCED version is more robust, has a more resistant anti-kick boot with a built-in, automatic dust shutters as well as a rugged housing. The LITE version absorbs high lateral forces and offers a cost-effective and lightweight solution allowing extreme bending without fiber breakage. The LITE version is the ideal choice for permanent and semi-permanent installations such as server rooms, patch fields, and indoor cabling. In addition, LITE cable connectors are compatible with opticalCON ADVANCED cables.

Chassis Connectors

All ADVANCED chassis and cable connectors are feed-through fiber optic connection systems which are typically used for equipment connections. With built-in, automatic dust shutters and a rugged housing, the fibers are always dust protected, and high mating cycles in harsh environments are achieved.

While both DUO and QUAD chassis rear connectors can be plugged with conventional LC connectors, only the DUO can be plugged with LC at the front (while still having an automatic dust shutter). Moreover, Neutrik doesn't make LITE chassis connectors.

Full Connections Setup


For each type of opticalCON® connector, a specific cable must be chosen. Indeed, not all combinations are possible. For example, a LITE cable won’t be available for ADVANCED connectors. To learn more about all the possible configurations, you can use Neutrik's official opticalCON® configurator.
Below you will find a list of all the available cables:

  • LITE: Rugged and lightweight patch cable, excellent cable retention due to aramid yarn, black PVC outer jacket, suitable for permanent and temporary installation.
  • ADVANCED STANDARD: Rugged and lightweight mobile field cable, excellent cable retention due to aramid yarn, black PUR outer jacket, military approved.
  • ADVANCED X-TREME: The X-TREME cable offers a cut-proof and rodent resistant double jacket glass yarn armoured cable construction, excellent cable retention due to aramid yarn, black PUR outer jacket.
  • ADVANCED ARMORED: Extra rugged and lightweight stainless steel, jacket which absorbs lateral forces up to 200 kg/cm². Ultra flexible due to the special spring shape construction.
  • ADVANCED HYBRID: Extra rugged hybrid cable with 2 multimode channels and 4 x 0.75mm² copper conductors, GFK strength member and aramid yarn as cable retention.
  • ADVANCED S1: SMPTE cable with 2 single mode channels, 2 x AWG 24 and 4 x AWG 20 stranded copper conductors, overall copper braided shield and stainless steel strength member, 120 kg/km.
  • ADVANCED S5: Ultra flexible, cost effective and lightweight (65 kg/km) low voltage hybrid cable with 2 single mode channels and 2 x AWG 16 copper conductors, aramid yarn cable retention.
  • ADVANCED POWERSPLIT 1.5: Extra rugged hybrid cable up to 8 single mode channels and 2 x 1.5mm² copper conductors, 1.5mm² shield, 2 opticalCON® cable connectors and 1 powerCON cable connector.
  • ADVANCED POWERSPLIT 2.5: Extra rugged hybrid cable with up to 12 channels and 3 x 2.5mm² copper conductors, 1 opticalCON® cable connectors and 1 powerCON cable connector.

Split & Breakout

A multitude of solutions are possible and offered to the customers.

Regarding the Splits, using Neutrik’s connector, you can start from a 4 fiber cable (QUAD to two DUO for example) up to a 12 fiber cable (MTP12 to three QUAD). And if you choose a PowerSplit, the power cables will be made using Neutrik’s powerCON connectors.

While for the Breakout, you can ask for the standard fiber optic connectors: LC, LCA, ST, SC, FC, STA,SCA, FCA or E2000.

Packaging Options

Neutrik offers you the possibility to order your opticalCON® already packed on a spool. Those spools are optional and suggested/recommended by Neutrik. But it’s up to the customer to choose what they prefer.


There will always be an opticalCON® that suits your needs!

Based on the amazing number of different possibilities, it can be tricky to configure your optimal opticalCON® rugged fiber cable. But don’t hesitate to contact us to use our experience and allow us to provide you with the best service possible.